Access to Loans Made Easy: Technoready and The Nainital Bank Join Forces

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We are excited to announce that M/s Technoready Institute Pvt. Ltd. and The Nainital Bank Ltd. have come together to foster greater access to financial solutions for individuals and families. With an aim to serve the community better, Technoready will be collaborating with The Nainital Bank to provide assistance and information on a range of retail loan products offered by the bank.

Scope of Service and Service Levels

Under this collaboration, Technoready,  Direct Selling Agent (DSA) of The Nainital Bank, will provide its services for various retail loan products offered by The Nainital Bank. These loan products include:

  1. Home Loans – The Nainital Bank provides different types of home loans—Apna Ashiana, Home Improvement Loan, and Home Loan CRE.
  2. Mortgage-Based Loans – These loans cover financing against immovable property and financing against future rental.
  3. Vehicle/Auto Loans – Loans under schemes like Suhana Safar finance four-wheelers and two-wheelers.
  4. Any other loan products as and when implemented and notified by The Nainital Bank.

Technoready’s Services:

Our vision is to be borrower’s one stop solution. We support potential borrowers by providing information concerning various loan schemes, counselling concerning which loan product will suits their needs, assisting in the preparation of loan application, and consulting on how to qualify for the loan scheme. A brief description of our services is provided below. 

Lead Generation and Customer Support 

Technoready will generate leads for the above-mentioned loan schemes from different sources, such as builders, vehicle dealers, individual home buyers, and vehicle expos/melas, along with other promotional events. Additionally, Technoready will provide consultancy concerning these loan products to potential borrowers by providing in person or online informative sessions. 

Assistance in Application Process

Technoready’s primary service is to source loan proposals and ensure that loan applications are completed thoroughly. Technoready is responsible for collecting all necessary documents from borrowers and delivering them to the identified Branch/Regional office/NLP of The Nainital Bank for further processing.

It’s essential to note that while Technoready plays a crucial role in the loan application process, its involvement is limited to sourcing proposals and assisting customers in understanding the available retail loan products. Technoready does not approve any applications or directly provide financing to the borrowers.


This collaboration between Technoready and The Nainital Bank Ltd marks an exciting step towards enhancing financial inclusion and accessibility. By providing comprehensive information and support for various retail loan products, this partnership aims to empower individuals and families to achieve their dreams and aspirations with greater ease and confidence.

Together, Technoready Institute and The Nainital Bank are committed to fostering a brighter and financially secure future for the communities we serve.

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