Enhance Your Job Prospects

We provide multiple courses to better train yourself on challenges in the industry. We also provide customized training and recommendations from industry experts on how to better improve your chances in the industry. 

Industry-Academia Gap

Academia and Industry are two different worlds which operate on different pedestals. Both have different purposes and different ideologies. However, the rapid pace of change in the outside environment is compelling these two different worlds to come together to address and solve some of the real-world challenges.  We design custom courses for academia to better train their students in the real world challenges of the industry.

Masters/Phd course Counselling

Doing a Ms/PhD from top institutions of the world is a dream for many students. Unfortunately, most of them lack the guidance on how to approach this dream and make it a reality. We provide guidance on how to enhance your resume, add more relevant projects to your core, writing SOPs. When applying for university admissions just coming out of the Bachelors, most of the students lack knowledge about the courses they are applying into. This leads them into making bad choices which reflects in their applications and in the overall career. We provide customized guidance via a panel of our experts who have already done Ms/PhD from top institutions in the world. Contact us for setting up a plan which suits your needs and plans !!

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